MNSi Maintenance Events

Welcome to the the MNSi maintenance tracking page. Here you will be able to view upcoming maintenance events that affect our services. You can also sign up to the mailing list to get the latest updates or subscribe to the RSS feed.

While we make every effort to keep our services running as smoothly as possible, issues do happen from time to time. Please take some time to review the terms of use of this site and your services with us.

Current Events

Name Start End Type
No data

Pending Events

Name Start End Type
No data

Past Events Last 20

Name Start End Type Status
GPON shelf software upgrade 1567501200 1567504800 Planned Completed
GPON shelf software upgrade 1563868800 1563868800 Emergency Completed
MXK migrations 1562133600 1562148000 Emergency Completed
Virtual Host Server Maintenance 1559671200 1559685600 Emergency Completed
Metaswitch software update 1553580000 1553594400 Planned Completed
GPON shelf software upgrade 1552554000 1552557600 Planned Completed
GPON shelf reboot and upgrade 1550127600 1550131200 Emergency Completed
GGC configuration changes 1549364400 1549364400 Planned Completed
Google and Akamai caching server re-home 1548154800 1548158400 Planned Canceled
GPON shelf software upgrade 1548151200 1548154800 Planned Completed
Netflix OpenConnect appliance re-IP 1547550000 1547557200 Emergency Completed
Fibre shelf upgrades 1546941600 1546945200 Planned Completed
BAS SCB upgrade 1545129000 1545132600 Planned Completed
BAS L2TP session bounce 1542279600 1542280500 Emergency Completed
BAS primary swap 1542178800 1542182400 Emergency Completed
Core router Software update 1536829200 1536832800 Emergency Completed
Storage Array SW Upgrade 1526274000 1526292000 Planned Completed
Storage Array Controller Restart 1525932000 1525935600 Emergency Completed
Core switch QOS adjustments 1525856400 1525860000 Planned Completed
Office router NPE swap 1525255200 1525258800 Planned Completed

Times and dates shown are in your local timezone based on your system settings. Please make sure your system's time settings are correct