MNSi Maintenance Events

Welcome to the the MNSi maintenance tracking page. Here you will be able to view upcoming maintenance events that affect our services. You can also sign up to the mailing list to get the latest updates or subscribe to the RSS feed.

While we make every effort to keep our services running as smoothly as possible, issues do happen from time to time. Please take some time to review the terms of use of this site and your services with us.

Current Events

Name Start End Type
No data

Pending Events

Name Start End Type
No data

Past Events Last 20

Name Start End Type Status
Voice reconfig Stage 4 1493100000 1493114400 Planned Completed
Switch reboot 1493024400 1493028000 Planned Completed
Switch upgrade 1492592400 1492596000 Planned Completed
Router Reconfig Phase 3 1490853600 1490868000 Planned Completed
Core switch reboot 1490076000 1490090400 Planned Completed
Router reconfig phase 2 1489471200 1489485600 Planned Completed
Voice router reconfig 1488870000 1488884400 Planned Canceled
Controller Replacement on Storage Array 1488601800 1488632400 Emergency Completed
Storage OS Upgrades 1481176800 1481202000 Emergency Completed
Juniper Software Upgrade 1473228000 1473242400 Planned Completed
Juniper router software upgrade 1472018400 1472032800 Planned Completed
Media gateway sps 1472018400 1472019300 Planned Completed
Lag deployment 1456995600 1457002800 Planned Completed
Eaps updates 1456909200 1456916400 Planned Completed
Data Center Maintenance 1456822800 1456830000 Planned Completed
vSphere Maintenance - VMH1 1454299200 1454313600 Planned Completed
vSphere Maintenance - VMH2 1454212800 1454227200 Planned Completed
vSphere Maintenance - VMH3 1454126400 1454140800 Planned Completed
Mail server switch 1452747600 1452751200 Planned Completed
Mail update 1452654000 1452654900 Emergency Completed

Times and dates shown are in your local timezone based on your system settings. Please make sure your system's time settings are correct